According to Regulation 432/2012 of the European Union, 
All Live Oil  belongs to the group health claim regarding the content
of the health protective polyphenolic substances which are very beneficial
in protecting the cardiovascular system.

Yiorgos Sakkas Founder Pidima Greek extra virgin olive oil

Yiorgos is born on the 15th March 1982 in Athens, Greece. His origin is from the beautiful region of Pidima in Messinia.  From an early age he learned from his father to respect, appreciate and love the place of his origin.  

Thus, he spoke with great passion for this historic place, with incredible natural beauty and the excellent climatic conditions in the region, prompting to visit those who knew and try the famous local olive oil.

The excellent reviews that divert the olive oil were the trigger to deal professionally. From 2014 and after 12-month investigation in his roots, made his appearance in the Greek market the olive oil of "Pidima" (honored of Pidima village) which consists of the top qualities olive oils of the region.  

Today his great passion is the "Pidima" olive oil that produced under his personal supervision of all production stages and methods. Expanding on this, his vision is that "Pidima" olive oil to become the best olive oils worldwide.



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