According to Regulation 432/2012 of the European Union, 
All Live Oil  belongs to the group health claim regarding the content
of the health protective polyphenolic substances which are very beneficial
in protecting the cardiovascular system.

Pidima is a very small village only 15 km from the city of Kalamata. It is located on the northeast side of Messenia on the Peloponnese. Everyone knows it very well for its history and natural beauties. The springs of river Aris flow tireless all year long, feeding the river with this valuable good, water, which is necessary for the continual growth of our area's ecosystem and that will enchant you upon your entrance at our village. A stop for a couple of minutes, to drink the crystal clear water of the springs, to close your eyes, to feel the magic of the moment and to feel the inspiration of nature, is worth your while.

Right above our springs, on the top of the steep rock and on a particularly fortified position, so as to control the Messenian plain and the passages to Taygetos, is the castle of our village. It is the oldest imposing presence in our area and its construction is assigned back to the age of the Byzantium, at about the 13th century. In a very short distance there is the small church of Saint Euthumios, built inside rock, causing awe and admiration, transporting the visitor to another era, when will and creation left their indelible marks on our land. Beneath the church and at the rock root, the remains of the old monastery cells bid the visitor farewell, leaving him with intense feelings.

Near the village springs there is the perennial plane, under the shadow of which Theodoros Kolokotronis wrote his memoires. Finally, ancient oil presses, churches with years of history and the amazing environment of our watermill with its water flow, complete the beauty of our village.


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