According to Regulation 432/2012 of the European Union, 
All Live Oil  belongs to the group health claim regarding the content
of the health protective polyphenolic substances which are very beneficial
in protecting the cardiovascular system.

Our olive trees grow in this environment, rich in history and natural wealth, through the ages.

We continue this legacy of our ancestors with especial love and care, with the sun and the mild climate of the area as an unwearied ally, thus contributing to its preservation and spreading it to the next generations.

...Our climate

Pidima and the general area of Messenia, due to its geographical position in south Greece, is one of the sunniest areas in Europe. The climate is characterized as mild, with mild winters. The average annual sunshine is 3.000 hours and the average annual temperature is 25C. These conditions create a unique "blessed" environment for the growth of the olive trees, resulting in Kalamata's olive oil being one of the best in the whole world.

Our olive trees... ...for their most part they belong to small producers, who show special love and care to their cultivation. It's worth mentioning that the biggest part of the production is used for their own families. The care of the olive trees is for each producer separately a family tradition which is preserved unchanged through time. Our olive trees belong to the same variety which has as its home the Messenia area itself. The vast olive groves, consisting of perennial, but also of younger trees, spread from the foot of the mountain to the plain, creating a big lush area, which Aris river crosses with its crystal waters. With a natural mingling with the area forest and with an excellent view, it offers an ideal refuge for the winged visitors that abound in our area. In this magical environment grows the most sacred tree of our homeland, offering the best olive oil.


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